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Our Courses

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01 Auditing

This course provides a detailed concept and introduction on what auditing is and auditing in society. It focuses on concepts and applications related to financial-statement auditors’ professional responsibilities as well as major facets of the audit process including risk assessment and audit reporting.

Tax planning GST 02

The Course is oriented to give a brief on  GST from Base level to the most Advanced level covering legal aspects, major compliances, amendments, precautions to minimize disputes with the GST department.

03 EPF & ESI Online class

Our course modules include free practical taxation, efiling and work knowledge on payroll(TDS Salary, PF, ESI).

Office Management 04

This course is designed to fill the real-world skills-gap experienced by most administrative assistants and office managers

05 Office Automation

Office Automation program focuses on the different softwares used on a daily basis such as MS PowerPoint, Tally ERP etc. This course helps students to know more about various softwares and fundamentals of Office Automation.

Personality Development 06

This course comes with a set of strategies and tools to follow for your personal growth, how to set goals, helps to identify your negative behavior blocking you to reach your goals. We look forward to making you a confident, happier, and productive person.

07 Preparation of Business

This course gives you a guideline on how to prepare yourself for starting a new business, how to build your network, and knowledge. Also give you a tour on accounts and basic training of local laws through accounting view.